How to Grill Hamburgers on a Charcoal Grill: Tips and Tricks

Smoky, juicy, and flavorful – these are some of the things that make the perfect burger. Unfortunately, not every burger ends up being that way. That said, if you want to learn how to grill hamburgers on a charcoal grill, keep on reading and learn from the insights we’ll share.

From using the best charcoal grill to executing the proper grilling techniques, pay attention to the tips we’ll talk about in this article.

How to Grill Hamburgers on a Charcoal Grill

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Grill Hamburgers on a Charcoal Grill

You don’t need to be an experienced chef to grill burgers like a pro. Take note of the steps mentioned below and impress everyone with your delicious home-made burgers.

1.    Prepare the Patty

Preparation of the meat is one of the most important for grilling the best burger. We recommend that you use ground chuck with 15 to 20% fat content.

The fat in your ground beef is important for its flavor. With enough fat content, you won’t also need a binder for the meat to stick.

When the meat is ready, prepare the patty by hand. Ideally, each patty should be six ounces. Also, try to make the patty larger than the bun since it will shrink when you are done grilling.

When making patties, create a dimple in the middle, which will ensure even grilling.

2.    Prepare the Grill

Now that the patties are ready, it’s time to work on the grill. For authentic and tasty burgers, use only the best charcoal grill.

This can infuse a smoky flavor that makes the burgers more delicious. Before you start, make sure that the grill is cleaned and seasoned.

It is also important that you pre-heat the grill before putting the meat on the grate. Ideally, the temperature should be anywhere from 450 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you don’t have a thermometer, an easy way to check is to put your hand on the top of the grill. If you can hold your hand for about one second, it is hot enough.

3.    Grill the Patties

Once the grill is hot enough, you can now arrange the burger patties on the grate. Leave space in between patties for even distribution of heat. Cook the burger based on the desired doneness.

For most people, one of the most difficult when grilling burgers is determining when it is already cooked.

This depends on several factors, such as the doneness. If you want it to be rare, cook for four minutes at a temperature of 125 degrees. For medium-rare, grill the patties for five minutes at 135 degrees.

Meanwhile, for medium, cook it for six to seven minutes at 145 degrees. Lastly, if you want your burger well-done, grill it for eight to nine minutes at 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is also important that you flip the patty only once when grilling. Slip a spatula under the patty. If it sticks on the cooking grate, this means that it is not yet ready, flip it once the patty no longer sticks on the surface.

While grilling the patty, you should not press the meat. This is because by pressing the meat, you are getting rid of the juices. It drains down the grill, and hence, will make the burgers less flavorful.

4.    Prepare Your Burger

Once the meat is cooked, it’s now time to get the burger ready. For some people, they like to toast their buns.

Others prefer to steam it. You can also add cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, and other condiments that you wish.

If you are a purist, we suggest that you keep the burger as simple as possible and make the meat the main source of the flavor.


Grilling burgers is an art that you need to learn. It is not as easy as putting the patty on the grate and waiting until it is cooked. From the way you prepare the patty to how often you flip it, pay attention to the steps and tips mentioned above to make mouthwatering and juicy burgers on your own.

Louisiana Grills Country Smoker Whole Hog Review

With is massive size, the Louisiana Grills Country Smoker Whole Hog is built for serious grillers with discerning preferences. It is constructed using top-notch materials and packed with innovative features to ensure its superior performance.

Want to know more? Read this Louisiana Grills Country Smoker Whole Hog review and we’ll quickly look at the things that you can expect in this product. If you are looking for the best pellet grill 2019, this might just be what you are looking for.

Main Product Features

This is a high-end grill and smoker, so you can expect that it is packed with innovative features that will make it a cut above the rest.

1,750 Square Inches of Cooking Area

One of the first things that you will notice in this grill is that it is huge. You will enjoy a total cooking area of 1,750 square inches. There are independent burners, which will allow you to control each zone separately.

Digital Control Center

With the digital controls that are incorporated into this grill, you will find it easy to use. Setting the desired temperature will be easy on your end. After setting the temperature, you can be assured that it remains throughout the process of grilling.

4-Wheeled Construction

Because of the size of the grill and the materials that are used, this is quite heavy. Moving it around might seem challenging at first, but that won’t be the case once you learn that it is designed with four wheels that will make it effortless to move around.

The Good

If you are still looking for compelling reasons to buy Louisiana Grills Country Smoker Whole Hog, below are some of the things that can convince you.

Durable Construction

One of the best things about this pellet grill is the fact that it is built to withstand the test of time. The exterior is made of heavy gauge steel. This is not only a long-lasting material, but it is also great for consistent heat.

Extensive Warranty Coverage

For your peace of mind, it is also good to know that it comes with an exceptional warranty coverage. The workmanship of the grill is covered for five years. On the other hand, the electrical components are covered for three years.

Comes with Great Accessories

This is one of the reasons why it can provide excellent value for the money. Once it is purchased, you already get several accessories to make the most out of the grill. For instance, it includes a programmable meat probe, removable upper rack, and adjustable flame broiler.

Easy to Use

Because of its size and price, a lot of people might instantly think that it is complicated to use. Truth is, it is made with user-friendly features. One of the reasons for this is the auto start electronic igniter. It is ready for grilling in no time unlike others that can be frustrating to start.

The Bad

Like other grills, there are also drawbacks that can give you second thoughts in choosing this product over many of its competitors.


The most obvious drawback of this pellet grill is how it comes with a steep price. If you are a budget-conscious buyer, this isn’t the right choice for you. Instead, this is the ideal option for those who would like to splurge. You can be confident that every dollar will be worth it!


If you have a small patio and if you often grill only for a small group, this is not the right choice for you. This is for those who have the luxury of space in the patio. If you have space limitations, this can be too much for you.


Looking for a large grill with high-end features? This Louisiana Grills Country Smoker Whole Hog review talked about one of the top options that should be on your radar. This is a large grill, so make sure that you have the space to spare. It offers not only a generous cooking space, but it is also packed with revolutionary features that make it ahead of its league.

How to Use a Garbage Disposal: Do It The Right Way

The best garbage disposal is a must-have for your home. It makes it easy to get rid of food scraps. It is quick and convenient to use. You can prevent foul smell in the kitchen that originates from rotting food in the trash. All of these benefits, however, will be possible only if you know how to use a garbage disposal properly. Read this article and we’ll let you know how to make the most out of it.

How to Use a Garbage Disposal

How to Use a Garbage Disposal

Whether you are using continuous or batch feed garbage disposal, the process is almost the same. Here is a quick discussion of the steps to follow when you are using a garbage disposal:

  1. Turn on the supply of cold water. This helps in solidifying fats that pass through the drainpipes, which will prevent clogging in the future.
  2. If you use hot water, the fats and grease will become liquid. Through time, this can cause a buildup that can cause the disposal to malfunction. Allow the cold water to run for at least 15 seconds.
  3. After running cold water, it is now time to turn on the garbage disposal. To do this, you need to flip the switch that powers the equipment.
  4. Now that the unit is turned on, you can start feeding food scraps. Do this gradually. Also, avoid feeding food scraps that are too large as this can slow down the disposal.
  5. If you are using a continuous garbage disposal, it will keep on grinding as you feed food waste. However, if it is a batch feed garbage disposal, you need to put the stopper for it to start grinding.
  6. Once it is done grinding, turn the unit off. Do not forget to let water run for at least 30 seconds to make sure that no food particles are left on the pipe that can possibly cause clogging.

What to Avoid When Using Garbage Disposal

One of the most important things you need to avoid is putting non-biodegradable waste into the garbage disposal. Metal and glass are big no-nos.

They can damage the motor and blades. Fibrous food scraps are also not meant to be fed into the disposal as they can cause the blades to malfunction.

Do not put oil and grease as they can solidify once the unit cools down. You should also avoid overloading the garbage disposal.

Care and Maintenance for Garbage Disposal

Always religiously follow the instructions from the manufacturer to avoid problems with the garbage disposal. Sprinkling baking soda is one of the best ways to keep it clean.

Occasionally, it is also a good idea to toss slices of lime or lemon, which will give the garbage disposal a fresh smell.

You might also want to try grinding ice cubes, which is a good way to get rid of the food particles that can possibly remain on the drain once the unit is done grinding.

Use tongs to get rid of food particles that are left on the disposal even after grinding.

Wrap Up

In sum, using a garbage disposal is a straightforward task. The only difference between the continuous and batch feed garbage disposal is that with the latter, you need to put the stopper to start grinding. Pay attention as well to the mistakes you need to avoid to prolong the lifespan of the garbage disposal and yield its best benefits.

What Does Rabbit Taste Like and Ways to Make it Delicious

Rabbit is not as popular as other meats, which is why a lot of people have no idea on its flavor. If you want to know what does rabbit taste like, keep on reading and learn from the insights we’ll share.

What Does Rabbit Taste Like

What Does Rabbit Taste Like

If you have never eaten rabbit meat, you are probably curious about its flavor. There are different factors that will affect its taste. Among others, it varies depending on the type of rabbit meat. If it is from wild rabbit, the taste tends to be stronger and meatier. Their domestic counterparts, on the other hand, tend to have a lighter flavor.

The flavor of the rabbit is also often compared to chicken, except that rabbit meat is gamier. However, the flavor is lighter when compared to red meat, regardless if it is a wild or domestic rabbit you are eating.

However, the main deciding factor on the overall flavor of rabbit meat is the way it is cooked or prepared, especially the ingredients you will add. Generally, there are two ways to cook rabbit, which will impact its flavor. It can be cooked at a low temperature for a long time, which makes it succulent. It can also be cooked in high heat, such as frying. Later, we’ll give you some tips in cooking rabbit meat to make it flavorful.

Why Eat Rabbit Meat

No doubt, rabbit meat has a distinct and mouthwatering flavor, making it a treat to the taste buds. More than being delicious, however, it is also healthy, providing another compelling reason to enjoy it in your next meal.

Among others, rabbit meat is a high source of protein, more than what you can find in chicken or beef. It is also a source of vitamins and minerals for the healthy functioning of the body, such as iron, phosphorus, and potassium. For those who are watching their weight, rabbit meat has low calories.

Tips and Tricks for Cooking Rabbit

To enjoy rabbit meat and its flavor, it is important to pay attention to the way you prepare and cook the meat.

One of the most important is to determine the way you will cook rabbit – braising, roasting, slow-cooking, frying, or any other method you prefer. Buying the right meat is equally important. As usual, it is best to use a fresh rabbit. It should be pink and plump without strong or foul odor. Avoid those with bruised flesh or dark colors. Younger meats are also better if you want the rabbit to be softer.

It is also important that you do not remove the bone of the rabbit before you cook it. The bones will help to keep the rabbit moist, which will make it more flavorful. The bones can make it tastier, so do not get rid of it.

Slow cooking the meat of the rabbit is another great way to make it delicious. Cook it in a pan slowly with wine or vinegar. Cook it for at least an hour under low heat. This is enough time to make the meat softer, especially if you are cooking wild rabbit. This also gives enough time for the meat to absorb the ingredients and become more flavorful.

Cooking rabbit meat also requires the need to frequently check the temperature. While cooking, the range should be anywhere from 70 to 80 degrees Celsius. This makes the meat softer and easier to separate from the bones. If it does not reach the required temperature, it will be hard to chew and the flavor may end up too strong for most people.

The ingredients that you use in cooking rabbit will affect its overall flavor. The best ingredients to incorporate in a rabbit dish include garlic, onion, sage, and rosemary. It is also good with pasta and greens.

Wrap Up

As discussed in this article, rabbit tastes like chicken. Wild rabbit tends to have a stringer and gamier flavor compared to its domestic counterpart. The flavor, however, is affected by the ingredients used and the process of cooking the meat. It is delicious and worth a try!